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The Affiliate People understand email. We are the leading affiliate network when it comes to email affiliates and delivering results.

Most of our affiliate programs have email creative available. We work closely with the client to ensure that the email creative can convert as best as it can.

All our email creative goes through a validation process before they go onto the affiliate network. We know how important deliverability and open rates are. We make sure that all email creative delivers an effective message, complements the landing page and most importantly are relevant.

We want to give affiliates the best chance possible to achieve high conversion rates. We are here to help and offer advice. We have a great deal of experience in email and are keen to ensure that each creative delivers the best results it can.

To help deliver great email creative we have come up with these email tips.

  • Test
  • Test
  • Test Again – We cannot underestimate the testing process. Test as much as you can. Test on multiple email platforms. Test on yahoo, gmail, hotmail, outlook and mobile phone devices.
  • Less is definitely more – We work closely with the merchant to ensure that email is clear and concise. The call to action needs to be evident. Above all keep it simple. Don’t try to pack every offer under the sun into one email creative.
  • ALT tags – Very important. Use the ALT tags and make the alt descriptions meaningful. If the email clients blocks images the alt tags and their description will come into their own.
  • Fold of the Page – Ensure the main message and call to action is above the page fold. Preview panes have a big impact on whether the user will open the email.
  • Width – Make the width no more than 600 pixels wide. Most email clients only have a view pain of 600 pixels. Any wider then you could have display issues.
  • Subject Line – This is the most important message. On most affiliate programs we will give guidance to you on the subject line to use. Subject lines are very important and often decide whether or not the email is opened.
  • Multipart email – Make sure you include a text version of the email you send out. Spam scores can be reduced by using text creative and some email clients only accept text email.

If you want any more information on our affiliate programs or email creative then please contact us

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