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The Affiliate People tracking system is a custom made system built using ASP.net. The system automates most of the routine admin tasks which make managing an affiliate program time consuming.

The system underwent months of meticulous planning and design to ensure that it met the needs of both affiliates and merchants.

After a number of requests from partners about our affiliate tracking system we decided to make it available for all to use.

We know one size does not fit all…

We don’t like to use the term package as we believe that one size does not fit all. Every company has different needs and as such packages do not always fit what you want to do.

With our affiliate tracking system you will get the following as standard and then you can bolt-on or get us to build the extras you want. For example if you want a special type of report to be made available or a web service to be developed we can do this.

Standard Features

  • Click tracking
  • Contextual affiliate tracking
  • Sub ID tracking
  • Pixel tracking
  • Third party pixels
  • Automated imports – We can write scripts to import stats directly from a merchant's reporting suite.

Campaign Admin
  • Manage campaigns and tracking Links
  • Assign tracking codes to affiliates/creatives
  • Manage campaign applications
  • Affiliate commissions – override affiliate commissions


We give you the ability to add the following creative:

  • Banner
  • Text – a simple text create
  • HTML – a simple HTML creative
  • Email – email creative
  • Contextual creative

  • Gross profit report - see what you are making, profit margins etc
  • Affiliate gross profit - how well is the affiliate performing
  • Transaction detail - shows the individual sales/leads
  • Other reports can be developed depending on your reporting needs.

Affiliates – the system will allow for
  • Editing affiliates
  • Pending affiliates
  • Rejected affiliates

Results – the system will allow for
  • Adding transactions manually
  • Updating lead prices
  • Rejects/Approvals

Commissions. The system will allow
  • Approval of leads
  • Confirmation of leads
  • Pay leads (mark with paid status)
  • Show payment summaries

Affiliate Login

Basic affiliate login features as per the current affiliate people login.

What does it cost?

Costs are competitive and this includes hosting and some flexibility to custom the system to your needs. Remember you are not getting an off the shelf package. You are getting a system that has been tried and tested, but you have the flexibility to make changes and develop additional features so it meets your needs. Many companies buy off the shelf packages which can be inflexible or expensive to customise. Our system can be developed so it does what YOU want to do.

How do I find out more?

Contact us or call Corin Vestey on +44 208 846 9071. We can have an informal chat about your requirements.

There is no charge to join our network